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Poster, Stupid F*cking Bird, Theatre performance

The Cultch

11″x17″ poster promoting the show.

Outdoor Poster
Online Advertisements & Social Media Ads

A fun video for an Instagram story video promoting the show. 

Double-sided Postcard
Online Ad (Stir Magazine)


Stupid F*cking Bird is a dark comedy presented at The Cultch in April 2023. The theatre required a full brand identity for the production, which is collected below. Importantly, the show’s title needed to be suitable for public display, and promotional material needed to include the supplied image of the main character. Requirements for the project included the Cultch ‘C’ wordmark, copy and sponsor logos. The rest of the design, typography, colours, title wordmark, and layout was my idea.


This show is a dark comedy. I decided to create a bold wordmark for the title and use the bird to censor the cursing in the title so we could hang this in public places. This approach maintained the edgy and provocative nature of the show. I chose bright red text with a cement background to give this production a bold modern look to match the performance style.


Photo of Nathan Kay by Jessica Oostergo. 

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