Erin Gleig

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Perspectives: Theatre in Multi-culture

Digital Marketing, Graphic Design and Video Editing
Ruby Slippers Theatre

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Instagram reel promoting interview with Louisa Phung.

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Instagram Story promoting interview with Nina Lee Aquino, Artistic Director. Graphics and video editing by Erin Gleig.


I have worked with Ruby Slippers Theatre for seven years. This organization is known for its progressive values and commitment to social causes. One of the projects I was involved in was a video series called Perspectives: Theatre in Multi-culture. This project aimed to raise awareness about systemic racism in the Canadian theatre industry. 

I was responsible for devising digital marketing strategies, editing videos and producing motion and still graphics for social media. We successfully created a captivating video series well-received within the theatre community and helped promote under-valued artists in the arts.


Interviews conducted by Grace Chin.

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