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8th Annual Repertory Festival

Ensemble Theatre Company

Google Ads, Pass Over, Ensemble Theatre Company


Develop a digital marketing strategy for a 2-week theatre festival showcasing shows about systemic racism and family systems. 


I had the opportunity to work closely with Ensemble Theatre Company’s Artistic Director, Tariq Leslie, to produce a successful social media and online advertising campaign. This included creating third-party online publications, email newsletters, social media graphics, and Google Ads. Using the client’s original show imagery and photography, I continued their chosen branding throughout the campaign. As a result, I was able to increase Facebook reach by 360% and Instagram reach by 301%.


Photography by Emily Cooper.
Original Design by Rayola Creative.

Social Media Posts

"Erin understands the needs of her clients - in our case, a company with a 20+ year production history, and some measure of branding and nomenclature already in place. Erin not only worked tirelessly to promote the established aspects of our brand, but also suggested and implemented strategies to expand on those established ideas, and deliver social media promotions to reach patrons outside of our traditional audience base. In addition to our social media needs, Erin also was a godsend in having extensive experience with graphic design and video production and editing - work that had historically stretched our already over-burdened admin team. We were able to instead offload all our social media graphic design and video needs into her hands, lightening our workload, while benefitting from Erin's fresh, creative perspective as well. Erin's talents, demeanour, personableness, and integrity lead me to recommend her to anyone looking for excellent social media promotions/campaigns, be they in the corporate or non-profit sector."
Tariq Leslie
Artistic Director (2022), Ensemble Theatre Company
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